Two endings!!

This post is the one which I have been delaying just because I wasn’t sure of taking these decisions (mainly the second one).But, finally I took the decision and here I am.

The first end:
End of being a “mom” friend.

I don’t drink enough water and I never get enough sleep, I’m perpetually stressed and I worry about everyone and everything,I don’t eat right or as much as I should and I get hurt every alternate day, they all just seem to blend together. I’m not good at taking care of myself but I WOULD always tell my friends  “eat” , “drink”, “get your work done.”, “go to sleep.” , “be careful”, “don’t be late.” , “dont worry ,everything will be fine.”, “dont stress, you’ve got this.” I WOULD gladly light myself on fire if they said they need the heat. I WOULD always put others first and it will eventually wear me down until I was so thin that i was unrecognizable. I WAS always a mom friend. But, I am NO MORE a “mom” friend.

The second end:
My blog.

Firstly, I would love to thank all the ones who liked my blog or just even gave a read. It might be a really small thing for you but it meant a lot to me. You all were soo nice to me. Thank you for listening to all my shitty and witty things. This has been one of my unexpected adventures which turned out to be pretty well but I got some issues and I am ending this blog. This means that this was the last post and last time I would talk to you.  Will meet if I ever get back to blogging, till then stay blessed!!

Signing off;


An Advice.

Yesterday I got my grade 11 results (first ever college result).Through all the 13 years of schooling I never did get so less marks.I dont remember the early years,but I do remember myself in last few years,I used to score really good(atleast as compared to the present).

Did you just think I am going to advice you on studies!!?Well not at all.

This thought hit me hard,not that my grades went low,but that there is such a huge difference in ANYthing and EVERYthing.Just a year span and everything has changed so vigourosly.

From knowing the teacher personally to not even knowing the name of the teacher.To hardly be absent at school to not attending  any lectures at college and so many to list.

This post is mainly for all those readers who are about to finish their schooling. People ,the school is like your home where you have passed so many years of your short life. Your teachers have seen you growing from little toddlers to teens.You spend your weirdest yet the best years out there. You might have entered the school in a very neat and proper uniform with a handkerchief attached to your shirt but  when you leave, you are in your most untidy uniform where your tie might be missing.But you dont lose anything , you leave with a heart full of memories.

Just as you step out of your home you  will realise that you were very well protected out there.Life becomes a mess for few months.The fear of losing those idiot school friends who have seen your dumbest part but still chose you and finding some new friends who  hardly know the original you ,the childish you.

We can not hold on anything not even school life where only trouble to overcome was scoldings. I just wanna advice enjoy your school life to the fullest.That will be the best stories that you would tell to your grandchildren.

And to all those readers who have finished their school life, I guess you will relate to it.





To stop chasing after the people who don’t want you.

To stop giving the moment when giving starts hurting your self-worth.

To remind yourself that you are valuable and worthy of love,affection and appreciation.


An hour!!

An hour ahead.
Had tons of stuff to share.
I hope even she had the same.
This set up was not too rare.

Boredom became the lie.
To make this setup die.
Then as we acted since a long.
Decided ourselves to continue along.

Little did she know that what I felt.
But I wanted her to know why did i melt.
If once had she asked how I am?
Then everything I would have spelt.

Decided to play The Game Of Life.
Like we played in our real life.
Dont know how we reached same place.
Eventhough we had a different pace.

There stood similarity :
In game and reality.
She won once again.
Leaving me shattered all over again.

This is my first poem ever. I never thought that I can write a poem but well I did. Might be it is a bit basic but I am proud to write one.

Do tell me how did you find this one!!


I deserve it!!

This content which i have posted here is not written by me. But this is one of the excerpts from an author Najwa Zebian. I have read a lot of excerpts from her book on instagram but i have’nt yet read her book. I am really looking forward to read her books. So,this is like my thoughts perfectly put into words. I hope u like it too.😊

I’d rather be disappointed by the truth than be satisfied by a lie. Respect me, not because I respect you, but because I deserve your respect. How pleased you would be if you found out i respected you only because I wanted you to respect me back or I wanted something in return? I respect you because you deserve it. Don’t listen to me just because I listen to you. I listen to you because you deserve to be heard. Don’t be nice to me just because I am nice to you. I am nice to you because you deserve to be treated right. Don’t show me that you care just because you know I care. I care for you because your heart needs care. If your thoughts and feelings are not genuine, point them in the direction other than mine. If I only give you what you deserve, atleast keep me away from what I don’t deserve.

How did u find this? I completely agree to this.To get nothing is far way better than to get something which you don’t deserve whether it is negative or positive.



Make an attempt!!

When it comes to friendships, you need the kind of people in your life who love you for you.

You need the kind of people who you can talk about the complicated parts of your life with. The kind of people who won’t judge you, the kind of people who will listen to you and hold you when you’re crying because you can’t make sense of what’s going on. The kind of people who understand your fake laugh. The kind of people who slap you hard for your mistake but make sure that no one points out a finger at you for the same. The kind of people you can rely on, no matter how near or far they are from you.

You need the kind of people who inspire you to do better. The kind of people who balance you out but always support your dreams. The kind of people who make you want to be a better person and feel like you’re able to do anything with their support.

Everyone needs someone to lean on in life when things get complicated and the world feels dark. You need someone to talk you off the ledge you’re on, someone to reassure you everything is going to be okay when you feel like the world is crumbling down on you, someone to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

It’s easy to feel alone, to feel misunderstood and used. But, you have to find the people who make you feel less alone, the people who actually might not understand what you’re going through but try their best to put themselves in your shoes and see what you’re seeing.

You need the kind of people who have your best intrest at heart because those are the kind of people who are worth fighting for, those are the kind of people we all need in our lives. The kind of people you can count on when everything goes dark, when your heart breaks and you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. Those are the people who matter, not the ones who are only there when things are good, not the ones who are only there when things are convenient for them.

Hold these kind of people close. They are rare and beautiful and deserve to know how much they matter. I did an attempt to tell them how much they matter to me. Go back! Call them, text them or tell them the same. Might be a text can bring a broad smile on their face. They deserve THIS!! 😊


Living with the fear!!

We all have some or the other fear or phobia which we dont want to face. Like some people have water phobia, so they tend to skip the trips which involve water adventures n all.

So in highschool, I had a fear of being alone. I used to spend my entire school time with my friends and remaining time watching television or studying. Basically i was an extrovert.

But i never knew the excitement of coming to college turned out to be the time where i ll be living with my fear. Its not that i spend no time with my friends.What i mean here by being alone is when you have a ton of things to tell but no one to whom you can.

I am not cribbing but I am proud of myself that from being 2 miles away to living with it. It is not that i am not scared by it but i am used to it.

So all i want to say is attempt whatever it is. Unlike my fear you might be having some other fears so just give it an attempt wether you fail or succeed.Like going for a trek if you are scared of heights.Atleast you would be satisfied that you tried.

Do tell me if you attempted anything like this.